Boats on streets ‘unreasonable’ in Glen Eira

  • Troels Sommerville, Moorabbin Leader
  • January 20, 2013 12:00AM

BOATS, campers and trailers are clogging up roads and taking up parking spaces in Glen Eira, Deputy Mayor Oscar Lobo says.

Boats, trailers and campers are allowed to park indefinitely in carparks that do not have time restrictions, as long as they carry a valid registration and are shorter than 7.5m.

But Cr Lobo said it was time for change, as carparks had become harder and harder to come by in the city.

He said the vehicles were not only detracting from residents’ access but were taking up an “unreasonable” amount of space.

He has written to local Bentleigh Liberal MP Elizabeth Miller and hopes she will be able to push something at state level.

Ms Miller said the deputy Mayor had been left “red-faced” over his request.

“Councils already have existing powers under the Local Government Act 1989 to move vehicles that pose an obstruction on local roads,” Ms Miller said.

“Neighbouring councils have used these powers and I encourage the deputy Mayor to read the relevant provisions in the Act and enforce them if necessary.”

PS: Here’s some more mumbo-jumbo from this administration! At the last council meeting the ‘minutes’ of the Local Law advisory committee were tabled. It featured a section on caravans –

Cars and caravans parking in the street

Council had been requested to consider the issue of regulating the length of time cars and caravans could be parked on roads in the municipality. Jeff Akehurst advised that State laws regulated the parking of cars and caravans on roads, and provided the vehicle was registered, there was no restriction of time limits on parking. Accordingly Council was unable to make a Local Law in respect of this matter.

The Committee noted the advice and agreed that the matter could not be taken further.”

Apart from what the Local Government Act states, and the fact that Akehurst is only referring to ‘length of time’, there are many, many avenues that Council could pursue if it really wanted to – and, they could also be income producing! For example, Boroondara in its Amenity Local Law of 2012, does not seem to have any problem with incorporating the following clauses:

A person must not allow any vehicle or trailer whether or not registered with VicRoads or equivalent interstate road authorities, to be placed or remain on any road if the placement of such vehicle or trailer would cause a danger, hazard or substantially interfere with another vehicle or any person’s use of the road, or obstruct the clear view of traffic controls by a person on the road or adjacent land.

Penalty: 5 Penalty Units (Page 15)

A person must not, without a permit or licence: occupy or put anything on Council-controlled land, including but not limited to, boats, cars, trailers, caravans;  (page 16)

Moreland and countless other councils also have residential parking permit schemes that will not provide permits for trailers, boats, caravans etc. Glen Eira’s parking schemes in contrast, say nothing about requiring a permit for such vehicles in residential streets! When everything is done on an ad hoc basis and policies aren’t reviewed for decades, then this is the inevitable result!