Featured below is the centre of the racecourse manifesto published by the MRC. That this features prominently in Council’s Resident’s Handbook is literally astounding given that:

  • Most of the ‘agreement’ terms are not being met – ie times of access
  • The number of days open to public
  • The area now declared as off-limits to residents due to the synthetic track
  • The countless fences that were not in the original submission

That council sees fit to publish this version is to endorse the MRC completely and to abandon, we suspect, all attempts to ensure that the Melbourne Racing Club adheres to the terms of the original ‘communique’. Surely council could have refused to publish this document at the very least?

racecoursePS: Here are some photos that we’ve received from a resident that shows just what a waste of space this so-called ‘development’ has turned out to be. The photos we’re told were taken Sunday last in the mid afternoon.

car park