Why can’t this administration seem to get something right the first time around? Why is so much of public money recklessly wasted? Why is there so little concern for the environment, especially when it involves the expansion of sporting grounds or the building of mega palaces?

All of these questions relate to the announcement of ‘works’ in Caulfield Park (see below). The lowlights are:

  • The removal of 39 recently planted and now well established trees and then replanting new ones. How much does this cost?
  • Another ‘regrassing’ and sudden need for the extension of the cricket oval.

We note that this is now the second time that ‘corrections’ have been made to Caulfield Park ovals. They built a pavilion only to realise after the fact that ovals had to be ‘reconfigured’ and more concrete poured in. Now the same thing appears to be happening – another ‘reconfiguration’. Either this says that the ‘bible’ – ie Master Plan – was a dud to begin with, or decisions are again ad hoc, and ill planned.

Please click on the photos to view in greater detail the proposed new actions.