How ‘Green’ is Mayor Pilling, or has he turned a darker shade of Blue? Is Lipshutz’s ascendancy to Deputy Mayor primarily to be Pilling’s ‘minder’ and watchdog? Is the Mayoral position a ‘reward’ for complicity with the ‘conservatives’ on C60 and numerous other decisions? Only time will tell how truly committed Neil Pilling is to Green policy and turning Glen Eira into the ‘green’ and ‘gregarious’ community the publicity blurbs keep telling us it is. We start by asking a few questions:

  • How does the support for the removal of 39 established trees in Caulfield Park coincide with Green Policy?
  • How does the continued planting of exotics align with stated policy for native re-vegetation?
  • How does the reappointment of Newton without advertising the position accord with Green philosophy of open democratic processes?