We are being inundated with photographs and comments about what is going on in Glen Eira streets. None of them is complimentary and each highlights the incompetence, stupidity and failure of this council to ensure safety within the public realm. We remind readers that council’s Road Safety Policy expired in 2012. Two years later, we’re still waiting for its reincarnation.

In this post we feature signage that is meant to warn drivers of road works – except that the genius who erected the sign ensured that it was hidden behind a tree making the warning invisible. When this resident notified Council (and we quote from the email) – The response was simply (without explanation) we won’t be moving it. I really do worry that our ratepayers dollars are being wasted on morons like the officer who is either mind blowingly stubborn. Or just plain stupid.


The second set of images belong again to the corner of Kokarrib and Neerim Roads. The accompanying comment read – It forces people onto roads unprotected, with poor visibility, at a very busy place that services a supermarket. If this is “to the satisfaction of the responsible authority”, then GECC needs a boot up the arse.