Candidates report theft of election material and complain about rival posters

Sam Bidey, Moorabbin Glen Eira Leader
October 10, 2016 5:10pm

COUNCILLOR campaign material has been the target of petty thieves in Glen Eira.

And some council chamber squabbles have spilt onto the campaign trail in the municipality.

Candidates from the Tucker Ward and incumbent councillors Jim Magee and Oscar Lobo have reported their campaign posters and signs had been stolen.

With election day on October 22 fast approaching, Cr Magee said eleven of his posters had been taken from around the Bentleigh area, including two from his own home.

“It’s not what you need in the campaign — mine disappear but the one next door to mine doesn’t disappear,” Cr Magee said. “You put them up and they disappear — two of them have come out of my own front garden. “The stakes and everything is gone — you put them on a fence it’s gone — cable ties are laying on the ground and they’ve been cut.”

Cr Magee said he didn’t think another candidate had taken the signs but it could have been the work of people wanting his opponents to be elected.

Fellow Tucker Ward incumbent Cr Jamie Hyams said stealing campaign posters was “disgusting behaviour” but said there had been issues surrounding posters displayed in shopfronts.

Cr Hyams said he had received a complaint from a resident that Cr Lobo had complained to a cafe in Bentleigh about other candidate material being displayed with his.

Cr Lobo argued that businesses “preferred” to put his posters up because he frequented local stores. “Some candidates arrogantly ask coffee shops why they are only placing my picture on their windows,” Cr Lobo said. “The only people who would attempt (to steal posters) would be the losers and those who have not served the residents.”

Cr Lobo said aside from the theft of his material, he had also been pulled up for not having correct authorisation on his signs after a fellow candidate informed authorities.