One way of determining the performances of a council is via a comparison with others. This admittedly throws up many challenges since categories and definitions are vague and elusive. However, there are some basic figures that can be compared so that we know for sure that we are not looking at apples versus oranges! Staffing and staffing costs provide a way in.

In the 2017/18 draft budget, Glen Eira announces a $4.18 million increase in staff salaries plus a $2.38 million increase in contractor costs. For staff expenditure, this means nearly a 6% increase on the 2016/17 budget figures. We’re also told that the total staff cost is $72 million and total income for council is roughly $174 million. Staff numbers are also projected to go up by just under 20 EFT for the upcoming financial year making a grand total of 810.7 equivalent full time staff. Please remember that ‘contractors’ are not considered as ‘employees’!

So how does all this compare with other councils? Glen Eira, despite ‘restructuring’ its directorship numbers, still remains top heavy in our view. Here are some stats from other councils according to their budgets –