The Bill for the Caulfield Racecourse Reserve Trust is now available and uploaded HERE

A quick perusal of the Bill reveals:

  • The Trust is disbanded and a new ‘trust’ to be appointed
  • The Minister will appoint between 5 and 7 members to the new Trust – they can be members of parliament. Nothing is stated regarding community members or council members.
  • Current leases will remain until the Trust is operational and this could be in the latter part of 2018 when the Bill is enacted
  • Leases can now extend out to 65 years with Ministerial approval
  • The Minister can declare ‘event’ days (ie racing, circuses, etc)
  • One interesting section of the Bill – Subclause (7) allows the Trust to regulate its own meeting proceedings, subject to the provisions of this Bill. What this means in terms of reporting and minuting of meetings is anyone’s guess!
  • There will be ‘planning corporate documents’ as well as ‘management plans’. The latter to go out for public consultation.

How all of the above works out in practice is yet to be seen. Please read the proposed legislation and offer your thoughts.

PS: Today’s Hansard on the Bill is uploaded HERE