For all the talk about running for council elections as an ‘independent’ it is pretty clear that for many candidates their political allegiances often outstrip their so called ‘independence’. Whilst not all candidates have listed their preferences as yet, it is obvious that for many the decision to nominate others is based on their Liberal or Labor affiliations. There’s nothing wrong with this of course, but not when some candidates keep declaring that they are fully ‘independent’.

For all the good intentions to remain autonomous, one must question what role party policies might have in crucial decision making. Have candidates been ‘ordered’ to preference fellow party members? Do they have the autonomy to preference whomever they like? Have any of these political parties assisted in funding, or providing discounts for corflutes, flyers, etc?

Here are examples of what we mean –

ESAKOFF: Claims to be ‘independent’ yet preferences Liberals. Those Liberals reciprocate by preferencing her (ie Zois & Balzer)

CADE: preferences Liberals

BEILBY: preferences Liberals

MAGEE: preferences Labor members Zhang & Martin. This is also reciprocated with their preferencing of Magee.

As far as we can tell, true independents are in the minority. We believe the following to be genuinely running as independents:

Harry Graeve (Camden)

Sam Parasol (Camden)

Cameron Simpkin (Camden)

Jesse Mansfield (Camden)

Simone Zmood (Camden)

Markus Oswald (Rosstown)

Neil Brewster (Tucker)

Christina Santos (Tucker)

This is not to decry political party membership or affiliations, nor deny that councillors can and some do go against their party politics. But doing so is difficult and rare. Plus, the history of Glen Eira is replete with instance after instance where voting has basically been along strict party lines. The result is block voting patterns that fly in the face of ‘independent’ decision making. Furthermore we have often witnessed cheap shots from various councillors according to this political leaning. Enough is enough. We repeat: if residents truly want councillors who listen to them and who act in accordance with majority ratepayer views, then we believe that the best way to achieve this is to elect candidates who are fully committed to these precepts and not the policies of their political parties.  We need strong minded individuals who will put party politics aside and vote according to their individual values and what the community says it wants and needs.