Starting next week (6th, 7th and 8th October) Save Glen Eira & the Glen Eira Residents’ Association, are holding forums where residents can interact with candidates and hear their views on what is needed in Glen Eira going forward. There will also be time for questions to the candidates.

In order to participate, everyone will need to register for these Zoom forums. The details are:

CAMDEN: Tuesday, 6th October – 7.30pm


ROSSTOWN: Wednesday, 7th October – 7.30pm


TUCKER: Thursday, 8th October – 7.30pm


Those who register will receive an email as confirmation and be provided with access to the meetings.

Council elections are often seen as a meaningless imposition for many people. Most we suspect wouldn’t have a clue as to who is who, or even who their current councillors are. Yet, when one considers the role that local government has, and how it affects almost every aspect of our lives, those we elect have a tremendously important role to play. From land use, to rates and how this is spent, to child care, aged care, environmental responsibility, parking, etc. local government plays a huge role. Therefore, everyone’s vote does count!

We urge all readers to take the time and to consider what each individual candidate has to offer and therefore what they could contribute to making Glen Eira a far more cohesive and resident respondent council. Huge challenges are facing all of us – economically through COVID, massive overdevelopment, traffic congestion; loss of tree canopy; and consultation that needs to improve dramatically.

As we’ve said – it is definitely time for a change. So please register for these forums and consider who will best serve the interests of the community over the next four years.