When reporting on Glen Eira issues, the sad truth is that we’re often forced to rely on rumour and innuendo simply because the community is always the last to know what is really going on. What this means in reality is that the community has no say in anything. Decisions are inevitably made without transparency, without accountability, and without community input. The latest example concerns Booran Rd. Reservoir.

Here’s what we’ve been told –

  • It is currently being cleaned up
  • Workmen on the site claim that a kindergarten is on the cards
  • Neil Pilling is pushing for this

Terrific! Kindergartens are desperately needed in Glen Eira. But, and this is a big but, Glen Eira is only the MANAGER of the Booran Rd. Reserve. The terms of management designate the area for ‘recreation’. As ‘manager’ council does not have any say over use of the site – this must be determined by the State Government. Questions thus abound as to who is paying for what? What does this do to Magee’s plans for a kindergarten in his neck of the woods? Do all councillors know about such proposals? What about the desperate need for more open space? What’s happened to the promise for further ‘community consultation’ regarding use?

If these rumours prove correct, then it only reinforces the perception that backroom schemes and deals are the defining characteristic of Glen Eira administration and councillors.