A very alert reader has just sent us the following –

Property Review Weekly June 10, 2011 page 20

Extract from C60 Planning Panel Report – July, 2010

Page 25, Section 3.2.2 – Overlays 

“ Two sites near the amendment land are affected by Heritage Overlays. These are No 1 Bond Street and the Caulfield Station.”

Page 131, Section 14.2 – Heritage – Evidence and Discussion

“ 1 Bond Street is a single fronted late Victorian Villa with substantial timber stables located at the rear. The house was built in 1887 and named ‘Grace Darling’ in 1910 after the winner of the 1885 Caulfield Cup. The property ‘Grace Darling’ is considered in the Caulfield Conservation Study to be of regional importance for its stables and pitched laneway;

Caulfield Railway Station Complex was constructed in 191314. It is listed on the Victorian Heritage Register as a complex of architectural and aesthetic importance as an imposing Federation Free Style complex. The Victorian Heritage Register notes that the retention of the original station detail provides insights into social attitudes and railway practices immediately preceding the First World War and during a boom period in the history of Caulfield.”