We’ve been waiting and waiting for the promised March appearance of the ‘review’ of the Local Law. Of particular interest will be: the fiddling with the ‘organised sport’ clause and the much awaited euphemistically called ‘tree register’ controls. More importantly we envisage that the meeting procedures aspects of the current anti-democratic law will largely remain untouched and buried in the publicity that will surround other aspects. In other words absolutely no intention of:

  • Introducing a Notice of Motion
  • Introducing a Dissent From Chair
  • Introducing a Rescission Clause

If our suspicions prove correct, then it will be most interesting to hear the arguments of Pilling who is on record as supporting a Notice of Motion and some of the other councillors. Residents should also be prepared to highlight this ‘oversight’ in their submissions.

By way of contrast once again, here is what Kingston Council is contemplating for their Local Law Amendments for the above categories (UPLOADED HERE). We remind readers once again that Glen Eira is the ONLY COUNCIL IN THE STATE OF VICTORIA that does not have a notice of motion enshrined in its local law.