Prior to the Minister’s announcement of the new residential zones for Glen Eira on August 5th, media reports had already been stating that Glen Eira, together with Boroondara, were to be among the first councils to introduce the zones. Council of course denied all knowledge of this at the time.

Unlike Glen Eira, Boroondara has now released its draft for the zones. (Uploaded here) It differs dramatically from Glen Eira’s vision for the future. The main differences can be summarised as follows:

  • The draft incorporates over 2 years of extensive community consultation on its Neighbourhood and Urban Design Strategy (completed in September 2012)
  • No deceit, secrecy – the proposals are there in black and white
  • Extensive local analysis that has divided Boroondara into 75 distinct areas with plenty of emphasis on Heritage and Development and Design overlays. All Glen Eira has done is introduce C87 that looked at a paltry 17 areas and altered many areas from Minimal Change to Housing Diversity.
  • The most important difference lies in the proposed schedules. Boroondara has done its homework and come up with countless ‘limitations’ in the schedules that are designed to protect streets and neighbourhoods.
  • Another major difference lies in the zoning itself. All that Glen Eira could come up with was basically 5 zones (Neighbourhood Residential – one zone; General Residential – 2 zones and Residential Growth zone – 2 zones). Boroondara has 7 distinct zones including the all important GRZ1, 2, 3 AND 4.  Each of the accompanying schedules differs markedly allowing for greater control of distinct areas. Glen Eira in contrast has none of this fine detail and differentiation within the zones themselves.
  • Boroondara is also asking for a Ministerial drawn up Amendment to introduce the zones. But, at least this isn’t being done by stealth and secrecy as Glen Eira did. Boroondara also states that given they have a year to finalise the zones, there will be further amendments and the opportunity for community input.

Below are some of the Boroondara schedules followed by the Glen Eira ones. Readers should note the differences on permeability, open space, tree plantings, set backs etc. They should also start questioning their councillors as to why, when the opportunity was there to really protect neighbourhoods Glen Eira has failed to act? Residents have been merely thrown the bone of ‘height limits’ – something they could have had 10 years ago. The philosophy of untrammelled development remains enshrined in these minimalist schedules to the detriment of thousands and thousands of residents.

Pages from UPC5 Neighbourhood Character Study_Page_1 Pages from UPC5 Neighbourhood Character Study_Page_2Here is the Glen Eira vision:

scheule to rz1_Page_1scheule to rz1_Page_2