The difference between Glen Eira’s open slather approach to development compared to other councils is made even clearer when the schedules for the General Residential Zone 1 (GRZ1) are looked at side by side. In Glen Eira, the GRZ1 has been applied holus bolus to existing ‘Neighbourhood Centres’ and Main Roads. Suddenly, developers have been given the green light for 3 storey apartment blocks in countless residential streets.

Instead of using the schedules to achieve a balance, and to ensure the protection of local amenity, Glen Eira’s councillors have simply rubber stamped the Newton and Akehurst agenda.

Please note carefully:

  • Glen Eira imposes a 10.5 metre height limit. BOROONDARA FOR THE SAME ZONING IMPOSES A 9 METRE MAXIMUM.
  • Glen Eira has no limitations. Boroondara imposes plenty.

Here are the schedules from both Councils. We ask readers to compare and contrast and start questioning whether our elected representatives are indeed acting in the best interests of the community?

Pages from general residential zone schedule 1Here’s the Boroondara version for the identical zone –