Here’s a rundown of council decisions from tonight. The full reports in coming days. It should be noted that Delahunty was absent.

  • C60 Amendment – passed unanimously in about 2.5 minutes
  • Koornang Rd trees – all to go. This took about 5 minutes to decide.
  • Tree Register – back to Local Laws committee. About 20 minutes of awe inspiring argument – we are joking of course!
  • Magee’s request for a report that police not use council land for hidden traffic cameras – longest ‘debate’ of the evening perhaps. Shows a fantastic grasp of priorities by these councillors.
  • Open Space strategy – passed unanimously – maybe 6 minutes.

It would also appear that the penny has well and truly dropped for Cr Lobo in his realisation that he will not be Mayor next year. Lobo provided the fireworks tonight and achieved one spectacular result – pulling the rug from under Hyams feet on the Tree Register item. More on this soon.

All in all, another evening of stunning grandstanding, misleading statements (ie cypress trees are only ‘hedges’) and arguments based on anecdote, emotions, and very, very short on substance, logic, and plain old ‘facts’.