It is just on a year since there were council elections. Time for a ‘performance appraisal’! Below is a record of the voting patterns of councillors for the most important issues that have come up in the last year – minus the Notice of Motion, public questions, 2nd round of Tree register etc. which we’ve commented on recently. We welcome readers’ assessments – keeping in mind the election promises of each of these individuals. Please note that we have not included all the numerous items which resulted in ‘unanimous’ decisions – some of which were extremely important – ie selling off land to the MRC for a pittance; blithely accepting Amendments, financial reports, service reports, and so on.





HYAMS as Mayor Eskoff, Hyams, Lipshutz, Lobo, Okotel Pilling, Magee, Delahunty, Sounness


12 Storey – Dandenong Rd Esakoff alternate motion 8 storeys, 97 dwellings


Esakoff, Delahunty, Okotel, Hyams (used casting vote) Lipshutz, Magee, Sounness, Pilling
7-9 Hawthorn Road, Caulfield North Emmy Monash – Lipshutz motion of reduced setback – conflict of interest claims


Lipshutz, Esakoff, Hyams, Lobo, Okotel (pilling absent) Delahunty, Magee, Sounness
Armadale club (extension of liquor area/drinking)


Lipshutz, Esakoff, Hyams, Okotel, Magee, Sounness Delahunty, Lobo
STORM WATER HARVESTING – BOYD Park – ‘minimal’ and return money to government


Okotel, Esakoff, Hyams, Lobo, Lipshutz Magee, Sounness, Delahunty
GESAC extra car parking – Gardener’s Rd Okotel, Lipshutz, hyams, Eskoff, ,agee, Lobo, Delahunty


8 storeys, Glen Huntly rd. Lipshutz moved amendment for 6 storeys


Lipshutz, Hyams, Esakoff, Pilling, Sounness, Okotel Lobo, Magee, Delahunty
4 storeys Glen Huntly Rd. Lobo moved to refuse. Defeated. New motion for 3 storeys by Pilling and seconded by Lipshutz


Lipshutz, Pilling, Magee, Hyams, Esakoff, Sounness, Okotel, Lobo, Delahunty
James St – 3 storey. Esakoff Pilling moved to reduce by one unit to 8


Esakoff, Pilling, Hyams, Sounness, Okotel, Lipshutz Delahunty, Lobo, magee
First go at tree register –  only local law


Pilling, Delahunty, Sounness, Lobo, magee, Hyams Okotel, Esakoff, Lipshutz
Accepting petition on  Councillor Trustee appointments Lobo, Delahunty, Magee Lipshutz, Hyams,Pilling,Esakoff, Sounness, Okotel
Centenary Park car park and redevelopment (first round) Delahunty, Hyams, Lipshutz, Esakoff, Magee, Lobo,Okotel


Pilling, Sounness