With typical subterfuge, secrecy, and minimalist interpretation of the Local Government Act, this group of councillors have once again let the community down big time. Andrew Newton has been reappointed for another term.

Buried in yesterday’s Age was the miniscule advertisement to this effect. Buried even deeper on council’s Public Notices section of the website is this totally non-informative announcement –

“Reappointment of Chief Executive Officer

In accordance with Section94(4) of the Local Government Act 1989, public notice is given that the Glen Eira City Council intends to put a resolution to reappoint Mr Andrew Newton as its Chief Executive Officer.

The passing of this resolution would result in the reappointment of the Chief Executive Officer without the position being advertised.”

As we’ve commented previously, no job should be for life, especially in senior management. By not advertising or even being willing to ‘test the waters’ these councillors will never know who might be capable of doing a better job. Given the turbulent history of this council (all under the stewardship of Newton), it is unbelievable in our view that no advertising of the position will occur. All residents need to demand a full and open account of the goings on from every single councillor.