The agenda for next Wednesday night is out and surprise, surprise, there is no mention of the CEO appointment. According to the legislation, public notification of the intent to reappoint must occur at least 14 days prior to the resolution being passed. On Wednesday it will be 15 days since the announcement was buried away in both the Age and on council’s website. So why the silence? If this is to be done in camera, then the only possible item that might be applicable is the lovely catch-all phrase “under section 89(2)(d) “contractual” which relates to a contractual matter”. Tautologies reign supreme in Glen Eira!

Other items set down for in camera are also intriguing. For example the regrassing of 2 Caulfield Park ovals. Readers might remember that this was put off for one year in order to save money. Yet it does not explain why on November 3rd 2012 the Age featured this tender advertisement – “Redevelopment of Caulfield Park No 3 & 4 Sports Ovals Requirement: Sportsground drainage, irrigation, surface reshaping & resurfacing.” Applications closed on November 17th. Then low and behold, on  July 27th 2013 we get the identical advertisement again. This time closing date is 16th August 2013. That raises many interesting questions:

  • Why was this advertised last year when the budget had decreed to delay regrassing?
  • Why does the 2013/14 budget state that the cost of regrassing is $650,000 and the figure in the incamera section states $450,000? Surely with all the millions already spent on ovals council would have a pretty good idea what this would cost? Or is this just another example of creative accounting?

There are plenty of other fascinating items up for decision as well, but we will conclude this post with a comment on the financial report. Seems like GESAC is continuing to rack up the bills with another $33,000 for landscaping and the ‘release of retention money for waterslides’. More squabbles perhaps with this particular contractor? Then there’s another $19,000 for the purchase of ‘additional strength equipment’. But the really, really big one is the incamera tender for $610,000 for ‘air handling and ducting’. Of course council does not reveal that this is for GESAC to rectify what is obviously a huge problem. But this was again advertised in the Age on September 7th, 2013! Hopefully this figure will appear somewhere in future financial reports!

More disturbing is that so many projects have not had a penny spent on them in 3 months, or a piddling proportion of their allotted funds. Duncan McKinnon pavilion is the perfect example. The same goes for Local Area traffic management improvements. Taking into account the carryovers of money from the previous year’s budget, and granted that ‘progress’ in Glen Eira is invariably at a snail’s pace, we still have to wonder whether or not these interminable delays are the results of a continuing cash shortage?

Finally, it is worth pointing out again that:

  • The non-appearance of the Local Law – promised for March 2013 by Lipshutz
  • The non-appearance of a sporting ground allocation policy

With a bit of luck these may appear just before Xmas when it’s hoped that not too many people will notice!