We’ve been sent the following photographs – all taken today (2nd December at 1pm). These photos show again:

  • the unwillingness or inability of Glen Eira City Council to do a damn thing about the MRC contravening the so called ‘agreement’.
  • The ‘agreement’ stated that car parking in the centre of the racecourse was only available on main racing days and 10 ‘special events’. Is this a ‘special event’? If it is, then we point out that there was no notification to residents; no adequate traffic management plan; and how can something that goes on for 2 weeks be considered as 1 single ‘special event’. Add on the flower show, the month long circus, and other bits and pieces and the length of time that is occupied stretches out to months and not 10 days!
  • What have our wonderful trustees and Newton done about any of this?