From the minutes –

Crs Esakoff/Lipshutz
1. That Council appoint Fimma Constructions Pty Ltd, ACN 101 232 320 as the contractor under Contract No. 2014.036 Duncan Mackinnon Pavilion New Building including Civil Works and associated Landscape Works and demolition of existing facilities at Duncan Mackinnon Reserve, Murrumbeena for the sum of $8,185,711.67 (GST incl.) in accordance
with the terms tendered.
2. That a Contract be prepared in accordance with the Conditions included in the tender.
3. That the Contracts be executed in an appropriate manner including by affixing of the Council Seal.
4. That this resolution be incorporated in the public minutes of this Meeting.
The MOTION was put and CARRIED.

Since the public who are forking out the $8 million are once again being kept in the dark like mushrooms, we can only speculate as to what is going on with what is fast becoming the disaster of Duncan Mackinnon Pavilion. Residents deserve to know:

  • Will what is currently standing of the Maxstra work be demolished? If so, what does this do to time lines for completion of the pavilion?
  • How much has Maxstra been paid and is this amount IN ADDITION to the new figure of eight million?
  • Is there more legal argey-bargey going on, and how much is this costing?
  • Why is every single major project under this regime always late, and seemingly always running into problems? What does this say about our decision makers?
  • And, since the decision was ‘carried’ and therefore NOT UNANIMOUS what were the reasons behind the contrary views?