As we’ve reported in an earlier post, the Duncan Mackinnon Pavilion fiasco is ongoing, yet residents are continually left in the dark. Even more alarming is this throwaway line from the amended budget papers set down for decision tonight –

increased funding in the 2015-2016 capital works program to complete Duncan MacKinnon Pavilion ($1.36m)

The original published draft budget stated – Duncan Mackinnon Pavilion – (to complete construction during 2014-15)

Not one single word has come out from councillors or administrators as to what is really going on with this project. There has been no explanation of:

  • why the increased costs?
  • why the nearly 2 year delay?

Since The Leader is now providing a glimpse of the Maxstra (the original contractor) position we believe it is worthwhile to ponder the following questions and to seek answers:

  • will this ‘dispute’ also end up in court?
  • if so, how much will this cost ratepayers?
  • is the extra $1.36 million to demolish what is already standing?
  • why oh why can’t this council get major projects delivered on time and on budget?
  • Is it simply a case of inability to handle, oversee, and manage major projects (aka GESAC)?
  • how can a council contract two different builders yet face the same allegations of poor ‘communication’? Either the tender process and selection is poor, or there is some major validity to the contractors’ claims. Either way, it is residents who are ultimately short changed.
  • Finally we remind readers of the Pilling claims as to keeping residents informed. As per usual, nothing eventuates just empty and broken promises!