Designs revealed for new railway stations at Carnegie, Murrumbeena, and Clayton

Date:July 9, 2014 – 1:56PM

A concept design for Carnegie station.A concept design for Carnegie station. Photo: Supplied

Three ageing suburban railway stations in Melbourne’s south-east will be demolished and replaced with new station buildings under concept plans released by the Napthine government on Wednesday.

The plans involve rebuilding the stations at Carnegie, Murrumbeena and Clayton, which would be put partially underground as the Dandenong railway corridor is sunk and four busy level crossings removed.

Crossings at Murrumbeena Road – consistently rated one of Melbourne’s worst in RACV’s congestion surveys – Neerim Road in Carnegie and Clayton and Centre roads in Clayton are to be removed as part of a $2 billion to $2.5 billion upgrade of the Cranbourne-Pakenham rail line.

The project, due to start next year and be completed in 2019, will force the closure of Melbourne’s busiest rail corridor for an estimated six weeks as level crossings are grade separated and stations rebuilt. The removal of the Murrumbeena Road level crossing alone is predicted in project plans to require the Dandenong line’s closure for about five weeks.

Concept designs for the three stations show improved commuter facilities such as new footbridges and commuter car parking, but give no hint of the scope of potential commercial development around the station that is slated to happen as part of the project.

Melbourne’s rail operator, Metro, has negotiated development rights at the three stations, as its Hong Kong-based parent company MTR regularly does in that city.

Premier Denis Napthine and Public Transport Minister were challenged by Glen Eira mayor Neil Pilling to reveal how the station environment at Murrumbeena Station would change. Mr Pillings said residents were concerned “large-scale developments” would go up in the mostly low-rise suburb to help pay for the project, which is being delivered as a public-private partnership.

“One of the concerns that is raised [by residents] is about what sort of development will happen around the station here … there is a lot of VicTrack land here, it’s very important for parking, people drive here from all over,” Mr Pilling said.

Mr Mulder said any future development around Murrumbeena station would be secondary to the needs of public transport users.

“We don’t really want the development opportunities dictating what the station would look like, we want the station precinct, the public transport outcomes … to dictate what we could do with other available land,” Mr Mulder said.

The public has been invited to comment on the concept designs, which can be viewed here.

What a pity that the government page which includes the concept designs contains 90% spin and 10% ‘information’ of value to residents. After years and years of promises, it is most disappointing to see that the ‘concept plans’ are so devoid of fine detail (and some even look like they’ve been drawn by a two year old!) as well as failing to deliver on the most important aspects of policy – that is provision for extra tracks!

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  1. Macca Says:

    Hard to believe that Pilling opposes high rise when you look at his voting pattern and the mantra that dwellings should be close to transport. He lives in Murrumbeena I’ve been told so that might explain it.

  2. Reprobate Says:

    Any Rosstown Ward councillor should be concerned about the scale of development that the Government is so keen not to reveal. True to form, Cr Pilling is concerned about Murrumbeena where he lives, not Carnegie. It’s gobsmacking that the Government isn’t talking about quadruplication as part of the project. More expense later. Still, what are the odds that the Government won’t survive beyond November.

    1. Anonymous Says:

      The ALP have also committed to this removal.

      1. Reprobate Says:

        Yeah well that’s another several hours of my life I won’t get back. Project 10000. Likewise devoid of detail, so I pressed Brian Tee who did admit there would be some “value capture” but wouldn’t or couldn’t outline how much development would be sought to offset the $8B of costs. BTW neither announcement is a commitment, just political promises. They’re not even promising to end the Metro practice of bypassing Carnegie when struggling to maintain schedules.

    2. anon Says:

      The ALP promised an extra rail in the 2006 election. They soon dropped that one when they looked how hard it is.

      1. Reprobate Says:

        For 90 years political parties have been promising to build a railway to Doncaster. Used car salesmen are more trustworthy.

  3. D.Evans Says:

    I do not for one moment believe that a public – private partnership as these rail projects are, can involve anything less than huge developments granted to the private partner. They will not be making money enough from simple rail transports. Their payload will come with real estate and selling off high rise apartments and commercial/retail spots. My fear is that Glen Eira will soon be facing the same glut of one bedroom apartments that are now in the CBD that will stand empty and become without a doubt the vandalised slums of the very near future.


    Two statements from our Mayor when a Green’s Pparty member… when speaking of a waiver for the loading bay and visitor parking on the Mortin Development and he supposed that the visitors to this enormouse development could park in the railway car park and more recently he states that less car parking as indicated by the new station re-development would be inconvenient for those who come for long distances to use Carnegie Station Railway Car Park.
    The Carnegie Station Car Park will be more crowded… perhaps it needs stackers?

  5. Bruce Patterson Says:

    What’s Council’s issue – Council has
    . passed a 12 storey retail/residential development within easy walking distance in Dandenong Road,
    . passed 6 stories at the southern end of the Koornang Road commercial zone. Koornang Road (from Dandenong Road to just past Neerim Road) is designated a Commercial 1 Zone which means it doesn’t have any height limits (except those applied by the economic theories of profit maximisation).
    . created major traffic issues with the pidddling Morton Ave & Koornang Road intersection (now making the RACV’s worst top ten intersections list)
    . not to mention all the other developments Council has approved (eg. the “Walter” currently being built, the partially completed (for almost 5 years) retail/residential development in Koornang Road) but have yet to materialise because Council rubber stamps planning permit extensions.
    . waived all parking requirements for a Gym near the Neerim/Koornang Road intersection (the assumption being that Gym users can use the Council/Supermaket Carpark in Kookarib St).
    . the Kookarib & Shepardson Council car parks are already becoming a nightmare to park in. Because Council rarely enforces the 2 hour limit they have become all day car parks even though the purpose of the carparks and time limit is to support the local traders by ensuring adequate parking availability and turnover.

    Same things are happening around Murrumbeena Station.

    Seems to me the concept plan will fit right in with what Council has already done and is busy intensifying.

    Pilling ought to give his brain a bit of work out by taking into consideration what he, in his 6 years as a Councillor, has approved, what he is hearing from residents and the evidence of his own eyes. Instead of acting as a mindless mouthpiece for the Administration he would better serve the community by ensuring Council actually starts addressing the issues it is busily creating.

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