There can be no doubt that Glen Eira City Council will bend over backwards to assist greedy developers. We feature below the latest trend in property sales – the combination of several blocks of land into one, thereby creating larger size blocks and reaping a benefit to developers (and residents). Whilst council has no control over these private arrangements, they certainly have control over the number of dwellings that can be squeezed into one lot and the zoning that is applied. We have already seen the joint sale in Bent St., Bentleigh, and this is now happening throughout the municipality. Fair enough that residents are cashing in, but they are cashing in because they realise they cannot continue to live in these areas where all amenity is sacrificed for the holy dollar.

The photos below are the latest example PLUS another photo which provides a good reason why someone would want to leave the area.




And what is council doing in the meantime? Absolutely nothing it seems! Here is a public question that was asked at last council meeting. We urge readers to pay particular attention to:

  • The failure to respond to the first part of the question
  • The emphases on OFFICERS. Where are councillors? Surely it is their role to decide on the policy that will constitute an amendment?
  • Other councils (Kingston, Boroondara, etc) have all specified the number of dwellings per lot size. Glen Eira’s OFFICERS, apparently refuse to do the same. The reason is obvious. They want to be able to cram as many as they can into whatever size block!

In December last year, Council resolved to seek Ministerial approval to exhibit Amendment C115. Why has there been no reference to this in Council’s Quarterly Reports and what is the current position of this Amendment?

The Mayor read Council’s response. He said:
“Amendment C115 concerns large lots (greater than 2,000m2) located within the Neighbourhood Residential Zone. The aim of the amendment is to increase the number of dwellings beyond 2 which would be the maximum number for a large lot zoned Neighbourhood Residential Zone (NRZ). Council cannot exhibit the amendment until authorisation is obtained from the Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure (Minister).

Authorisation has to date not been forthcoming on the basis that each large lot should have a stipulation as to how many dwellings will be allowed. This approach is not supported by Council officers as it would prejudge a dwelling yield in the absence of a specific development plan.”