The sheer insanity of the GRZ zoning is evident in the screen dump of Murray Road, McKinnon below. The left hand side of the street is deemed as ‘suitable’ for 3 storey developments. The right hand side of the street is zoned as minimal change. Please note carefully the following:

  • Even with single storey dwellings huge shadows are already being cast – and it’s winter! What happens when 3 storey dwellings go up? What amount of overshadowing and loss of sunlight will those poor buggers living on the opposite side of the street experience? And what kind of light can neighbours living on the ground floor of a three storey block expect when GRZ1 zoning provides no protection in terms of adequate side, front and rear setbacks?
  • Note how narrow the street already is, so that 3 cars have difficulty in passing. What kind of landscaping and protection of the environment is possible with 3 storey chicken coops being permitted?
  • Residents need answers as to why such decisions were endorsed by councillors? What questions did they ask? What information were they given? Did they care?
  • Councillors must be held to account for accepting zones that were implemented in secret, were devoid of up-t0-date analysis, and which relegated huge swathes of Glen Eira into third world territory.
  • We repeat once more that other councils saw fit to do their homework (and to consult). For example: Bayside has 8 schedules to the GRZ ZONES; Boroondara has 4; Stonnington has 13; Manningham has 4. All Glen Eira could come up with was 3 – and one of these is exclusively for the rezoned Alma Club land (ie from minimal change to housing diversity and 76 units in a dead end local street!). Such is the woeful governance, transparency and planning that goes on in Glen Eira!