PS: We’ve received notification that there is currently an online and hard copy petition doing the rounds of Glen Eira. The petition is basically asking that this council review the damage it has wrought via the zones and that full community consultation be included. We urge all readers to follow the links and to voice their opinions on the various sites. GE Debates fully supports any group that seeks better outcomes for the community.

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There’s a new tactic being employed by real estate agents and their buddy developer friends throughout significant areas of Glen Eira and it’s all due to the new zones. So, thank you Newton, Akehurst, and councillors for unleashing this tsunami of inappropriate development into our quiet residential streets – all done of course in secret, and behind closed doors.

We urge all readers to note the following screen dumps carefully because they reveal exactly what is happening and the tactics that are now being employed.

  1. Instead of planning applications there are now ‘concept plans’ inviting developers to buy
  2. No planning permit exists for this site, according to council’s planning register. No application has even come in as yet.
  3. Height and density are the biggest selling points
  4. Note the idealistic glorified design – with so much green, green, open space around!

bent street

bent2PPS: we just couldn’t resist this stunning offer to be ONE OF 83 UNITS in Elsternwick. Design of building is something else again – like the Mad Hatter’s tea party perhaps?