In what can only be described as the most extraordinary course of events the MRC representatives (plus 2 Government appointed Trustees have voted at the last (secret?) Trustee meeting to:

  • have a 5 year lease on the entire racecourse land and only pay $90,000+ pa
  • that this lease then be ‘renewable’ for a further 21 year lease at this rental
  • that Mike Symons (and the other MRC trustees) do not have any conflict of interest concerns when negotiating leases on their rented stables/training facilities

What we publish in order below is quite staggering. First, the letter by Greg Sword to the Minister and others alleging conflict of interest etc. Only the first page is uploaded, but the entire document is available for downloading HERE

Pages from Caulfield Letter to Chairman of TrusteesNext, we’ve uploaded the MRC response and its attack on Sword. Again the full document is available HERE

Pages from Ltr to CRR Trustees from MRC TrusteesFinally, another document written by Mr Fenwick to the Minister is available HERE


  • The entire Trustees should be sacked immediately in our view and an independent management committee appointed
  • The legality of this entire fiasco, and especially the actions of the MRC trustees needs immediate resolution with the option of penalties
  • A full parliamentary inquiry, if not a Royal Commission be instituted to investigate the long term issues that have plagued the management of the racecourse as public crown land.