After years and years of cow towing to the MRC and well after the fact of the Caulfield Village machinations, Cr Lipshutz is now on the side of the angels. Yes, the MRC are ‘bullies’ and yes, the MRC are the tenants and should not be setting their own terms on leases. Well, if this isn’t a Johnny come lately approach we don’t know what is! Only problem is – where was this defiance and public advocacy five years ago?

More to the point is that on today’s Jon Faine program, Lipshutz announced that Council was not opposed to racing and didn’t want training to go from the course! The removal of training is part of the original agreement between council and the MRC. If this position has changed then:

  • Where is the council resolution ratifying such a change in position?
  • If no resolution has been passed then what right does Lipshutz have to make such statements?
  • Or, is all of this again, decision making behind closed doors?

We present below the once lost, but now miraculously found, minutes of a 2008 Trustee meeting where readers will find that the issue of the removal of training was discussed and then subsequently endorsed by council resolution. The full document is then uploaded HERE.

Pages from Trust Minutes 25 September 2008PS: FOR SOME MORE INTERESTING READING, HERE ARE SOME SNAPSHOTS FROM THE MRC’S 2014 ANNUAL REPORT. Please note the reference to Symons as paying ‘commercial rates’ for the training facitilities and for his ‘membership’ of the group but of course, no ‘conflict of interest’ according to our previous post on the Sword claims. The full Annual Report is available from: