Councillors have repeatedly stated that it is the State Government and the Minister who is responsible for the new zoning. This only reveals half of the story. Yes, amendments have to be signed off by the Minister and yes, councils have to abide by the Minister’s decision. However, it was up to councils to first determine

  • Where the zones would go
  • What the height limits would be for each zone
  • What would be contained in each schedule

On all of these aspects, Glen Eira City Council has, in our view failed those residents living in GRZ, RGZ and Mixed Use Zones. These are the areas where Council did have the choice as to what went into their schedules and standards. Glen Eira chose to go for the least protection possible.

Please consider the following table which outlines exactly the scope provided to councils. Readers will note that in terms of height, there was the ability to impose a 9 metre limit in GRZ. Glen Eira opted for 10.5 across the board. Even in the RGZ council again had the option of selecting a lower height limit. They didn’t. The heights listed in this document are MAXIMUMS and were not set in stone. And as we’ve previously stated, height by itself is only one component of good planning. Council ignored all the other aspects that we’ve mentioned such as: site coverage; permeability; setbacks; minimum lot sizes, etc.


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