What is really going on at the Racecourse and what is Council and the Trustees doing about anything? There are countless questions that need asking and answering. Here’s some of them –

Hore Lacy Sale0001-1

  • Is this Crown land or freehold land?
  • If Crown land then what are the Trustees doing?
  • Valued at only $585+?
  • Is this a ‘lease’ or a ‘sale’?
  • What’s happened to getting rid of training?

And questions on another issue involve the Santa events at the centre. We have been informed that it appears as if those involved in running the show have set up caravans on site and are using these as accommodation for the duration of the event which goes for a month at least. Council’s Local Law states –

Section 310

Pitching a tent, erecting any temporary or permanent shelter or placing and occupying a caravan, campervan or shipping container on any, Council Land, public or private land for the purpose of camping or living. This law does not apply to the erection (with the land owner’s consent) of a temporary shelter to facilitate the preparation of meals associated with a religious practice or festival for a period not exceeding twenty-one days.

We therefore ask:

  • Have the operators been granted a permit by Council?
  • Has Council even been informed that this is happening?
  • Does Council even care!