Item 9.7 – Bent St., Bentleigh – 4 storey 55 dwellings

Sounness moved motion. Magee seconded to accept recommendations.

SOUNNESS: began by saying this is close to the station and that ‘there is parking’ available where the Sunday markets are held. Thought that it was a ‘consistent proposal with what is envisaged’ for the area by the planning scheme.

MAGEE: repeated that this is close to a railway station and a shopping centre and a Residential Growth Zone. ‘this is where 4 storey buildings have been aimed for’.

LOBO: ‘zones are cutting to the bones’ and that ‘we are heading to Calcutta’. Started to quote from the newspaper and Magee interrupted with ‘we are not here to quote from the newspaper’ and that Glen Eira is not like Calcutta. Told Lobo he ‘was finished’.

HYAMS: supported the motion ‘reluctantly’ but it was near the station and height was less than the 13.5 metre limit. Thought that ‘there will come a time when Bent St’ reaches capacity but the officers look at this and they have ‘judged quite rightly that’ capacity hasn’t been reached ‘quite yet’. ResCode parking has been met and ‘you rarely get an application’ that abides by these rules. Said that ‘crossovers will be reinstated’ and thus provide ‘more parking’. Went through some of the other conditions such as 4 metre set backs for landscaping, waste management plan etc.

DELAHUNTY: thought that it was ‘the best of times and the worst of times’ and that the area is a ‘great place to live’. Supported the conditions and set backs because this was ‘important’ in ‘how this appears to the street’. The development is ‘potentially the right outcome in the right place’.

SOUNNESS: thought this was ‘one of the better design buildings’ but ‘while it will be a dominant feature’ it won’t be ‘jarring and clashing to the eyes’. This application ‘ticks most of the boxes’.

MOTION PUT AND CARRIED. LOBO CALLED FOR A DIVISION and was the only councillor to vote against.