247 – 251 Neerim Road, Carnegie – Four storey multi-residential development and associated basement car parking

322-326 Neerim Road, Carnegie – Construction of a four (4) storey building comprising 38 dwellings and associated basement carparking

8 Egan Street, Carnegie – Construction of a 16 storey building comprising 155 dwellings above three levels of basement car parking (with additional parking above ground), two retail tenacies and reduction of statutory car parking requirements and waiver of loading bay requirements

198-202 Balaclava Road, Caulfield North – Development and use of the land for the purpose of a four storey building (with a basement car park) comprising shop, office, 14 dwellings, a reduction in the car parking requirement and waiver of the loading bay requirement on land affected by the Special Building Overlay

795-809 Centre Road and 150 East Boundary Road, Bentleigh East – Construction of a part-3, part-7 storey mixed use building, use of the land for dwellings, a reduction in car parking requirements, waiver of the loading and unloading requirements associated with the use of the land for a shop, alteration of access to a road in a Road Zone, Category 1 and the variation of an easement

251-253 Jasper Road, McKinnon – Development of a four (4) storey mixed use building, comprising of a shop and twelve (12) dwellings, waiver of car parking associated with shop and residential visitors and waiver of loading facilities

3 Grange Road, Caulfield East – Construction of a three storey building for the use of twenty eight (28) student accommodation; reduction of car parking requirements; alter access to a Road Zone Category