Readers may remember that prior to the recent state election, Bayside was on the verge of having its RGZ areas removed from the municipality. With a change in government, and a new planning minister, Bayside is again moving towards improving amenity for their residents. All of this goes to show that amendments, changes, and preserving local amenity is possible for councils. Of course, there has to be the will to do so and to pursue these issues.

In the published agenda for their first council meeting of the year, Bayside is seeking a formal resolution to:

  • Organise a meeting with the new planning minister
  • Proceed with those aspects of Amendment C106 which were refused by Guy

Bayside is seeking, via this amendment to:

  • Remove all areas zoned RGZ
  • Have a minimum lot size of 400 square metres in its Residential zone
  • Increase permeability to 35%
  • Maximum of 10 metres height in GRZ6
  • Increase private open space requirement according to number of bedrooms

For a full coverage of this amendment, see Agenda Item 10.3. Available at –

All of the above makes us wonder what on earth our band of councillors are doing 18 months down the track and when the full disaster is becoming more and more apparent with each passing day.

In comparison to Bayside, we remind readers once again, of what Glen Eira underachieved and continues to underachieve when mirrored against the real gains of countless other municipalities – all of which we’ve highlighted over the past year.

  • NO MINIMUM LOT SIZE (meaning that 487 Neerim Road can have subdivisions of 199 square metres)
  • 3 GRZ SCHEDULES (in reality only 2 applying widely)
  • GRZ zones where ‘one size fits all’ of 10.5 metre height
  • Permeability of 20% in housing diversity, and 25% in minimal change
  • Open space again, ‘one size fits all’, regardless of numbers of rooms, size, etc.
  • Residential Growth Zones in narrow, local streets (Bent, Mavho, Loranne,Belsize, etc. etc.)