Developer’s letter to Glen Eira homeowners leaves families and mayor steaming

  • Andrea Kellett
  • February 02, 2015 12:00AM

A DEVELOPER enticing Glen Eira residents to sell their homes for above-market prices in return for long settlements has raised the ire of anti-development residents, plus the city’s mayor.

The Elsternwick-based Bayland Property Group has angered those opposed to “inappropriate” development in their residential streets, after delivering letters offering to pay “significantly over market value”.

“You may have noticed a number of townhouse and apartment developments in your local area,” the letter states.

“This is due to zoning changes you would have read about in the newspaper and online.

“Bayland, as developers of both townhouses and apartments, would love the opportunity to talk to you about purchasing your property.’’

Glen Eira mayor Jim Magee is seeing red over the reference to Glen Eira’s residential zones.

The building boom in Glen Eira has nothing to do with the zones. There’s nothing you can do today that you couldn’t do 10 years ago,’’ he said.

Members of a residents’ group set up to fight inappropriate residential development in Glen Eira have posted photos of the letter on their Facebook page and the Leader has been shown a letter of complaint written to Bayland.

“If anyone at your office had done their homework on our area you would realise residents are strongly opposed to developers. These letters only increase our anger,’’ the resident wrote.

“Those who wish to sell will do so which is totally their private business, we are all tired of being harassed.’’

The Bayland Property Group did not respond to repeated requests for interview over three weeks.