On paper this property is ‘protected’ by the new zones. It is in the Neighbourhood Residential 1 category. Safe, allegedly, from multi storey, multi unit development. The reality is quite different. We do not know the reasons why this owner has decided to sell, but we assume that he is getting out whilst the going is good – given the disaster that has been wrought on Bent Street via the new zones.

Here’s the big picture:

  • More than half of the properties in Bent Street are zoned Residential Growth Zone (RGZ1)
  • About a third are zoned General Residential Zone (GRZ1)
  • And that leaves this and another 20% or so, stuck in the middle with council pretending that they are ‘safe’, and that what is happening around them will have no impact on their lifestyle and amenity.
  • Some of the streets highlighted below even have Heritage Overlays, but still zoned as ‘ripe’ for development. Only Field and Exhibition are covered by Significant Character overlays.

Here is how Bent Street is zoned –