We’ve received the following letter of complaint that was sent to Council. As with most things connected with the racecourse and the MRC, residential amenity appears to be the last thing to worry either the Melbourne Racing Club, or for that matter, Council.

We have been asked to remove the sender’s name.

Dear sir,

I have been driven to write to you about the continual flouting of local law by the Melbourne Racing Club at Caulfield Racecourse with respect to illegal noise levels. These are illegal by virtue of the excessive volume that penetrates inside residential dwellings yet some distance from the racecourse itself – never mind those in the immediate vicinity (according to a resident of Fitzgibbon Crescent, for example. Name can be supplied upon request).

Although there are many examples on a relatively regular basis, today the racecourse rented out its premises to the “I dream all day” music event (rave/festival). The incessant bass pounded all day penetrating our home and garden. We were unable to relax the whole day. The children were unable to sleep. Now, don’t misunderstand, I LOVE electronic dance music, and attend the odd festival myself – but these are not held in a residential suburb. When I went to inspect the source of the noise, the walls of the racecourse along Station Street, cladded with corrugated iron, were reverberating from the amazing volume of sound.The noise level was entirely inappropriate for the residential surrounds of the racecourse (surrounded as it is on all sides by family homes), and was undoubtedly beyond any legal limit. It penetrated throughout my home far away in Eskdale Road. It went on and on all day with no respite.

Other events that the racecourse holds for its own profit at the expense of residents resulting in shattered neighbourhood amenity include funfairs with blaring music in the Western car-park adjacent to Kambrook road despite the residential nature of the area. That noise also goes all day and overwhelms us inside our dwellings as well as outside in our gardens.

While investigating these issues, it is vital that you ensure that the racecourse also respects local law regarding sound levels with respect to the incessant droning of the race commentators every Saturday. Residents have a right to peaceful amenity without the incessant droning of the commentator over the PA system at unacceptable levels. After all, if it is legal and acceptable for the racecourse to broadcast its ‘soundtrack’ such that it is heard clearly in surrounding dwellings, then it is just as legal for surrounding dwellings to broadcast their own soundtrack at the same levels which will be clearly heard at the racecourse! Not something decent residents do, but that doesn’t seem to matter a jot to the racing club which treats residents with contempt.

I respectfully request that you take the matter further with the Melbourne Racing Club, and please keep me informed of any developments in this area.