Featured below are quotes from various VCAT decisions of the past year relating to applications in ‘housing diversity’ areas. They illustrate again the shortcomings of the current planning scheme and its lack of adequate safeguards for residents in these areas.

There is no local planning policy that addresses neighbourhood character within the housing diversity areas. (The Town Hall Consulting Group Pty Ltd v  Glen Eira CC [2014] VCAT 1465 (27 November 2014)
I acknowledge the exclusion of housing diversity areas from application of  neighbourhood character  policy in recognition of the expected change in these areas…….
Each of these aspirations in the purpose of the General Residential Zone need to be balanced with the existing  neighbourhood character as there is no neighbourhood character  planning policy applicable to this area in the planning scheme. Therefore, the purpose about implementing neighbourhood character policy and adopted neighbourhood character guidelines is not relevant in this case. (Krejany v Glen Eira CC [2015] VCAT 66 (22 January 2015)
The section for Carnegie in Clause 22.05 divides the village into eight precincts and provides policy for each. The review site and land to the north, east and west of the site is in Precinct 8. It also applies to a large area of land on the eastern and southern sides of the village. Compared with the statements for other precincts, the three given for Precinct 8 are not very helpful. One applies to a specific site in Neerim Road, and the other two make reference to encouraging a mix of density and housing types to accommodate different household types, especially the elderly and encouraging managed change of the neighbourhood character (Steller Pty Ltd v Glen Eira  CC [2014] VCAT 653 (3 June 2014)