The MRC and/or its developers have submitted an ‘amendment’ to the approved Development Plan. We urge all residents to view the documentation at –

The main points of this amendment, following a very brief perusal of the documents, are:

  • An increase in the number of dwellings from 442 to 463. This has been mainly achieved by reducing the number of three bedroom apartments and increasing the number of single bedroom apartments! So much for a ‘family’ oriented ‘village’!
  • Building envelopes will be increased for some of the housing blocks
  • Balconies will be ‘adjusted’ – meaning that they can be reduced in size, or be permitted to impinge even further into the declared setbacks

We also have to marvel at the sheer gall of the ‘summary’ (uploaded HERE) – in its continual use of euphemism and gobbledygook, as well as its insistence on the Incorporated Plan as the planning ‘bible’, rather than the Development Plan which surely is the equivalent of a set-in-concrete planning permit. We remind readers that council’s support for the Incorporated Plan included the argument that it was only a ‘conceptual’ document and that the Development Plan was the important one in terms of gaining planning approval.

We’ve dug up the Rocky Camera report on the Development Plan from December 2013 in which he stated:

This document gives certainty to the local community by precisely stipulating building envelopes; their heights, setbacks, and siting. It can be said that the Caulfield Village development is one of the most planned development sites in the municipality. The future development of this land has been “locked in” following a rigorous community consultation and amendment process, the community now has a high level of certainty in what to expect at Caulfield Village

Finally, here are some quotes from the proposed new amendment:

The amendment sought under this cover are a combination of necessary design refinements informed by these processes, as wellas realising an opportunity to optimise the efficiencies of the development within the general parameters of the approved Development Plan and prescriptive guidelines of the Incorporated Plan.

The majority of changes described in the Schedule are very minor cosmetic changes that will have no impact on neighbouring properties.

It is considered that the changed described above are so minor in nature as to be de minimis and entirely consistent with the approved development as endorsed.

Whilst it is acknowledged that most dwellings comprise one or two bedrooms, within each of the approved buildings there is a broad range of dwelling layouts, types and sizes provided ensuring that the development makes a meaningful contribution to dwelling diversity.

The increases to the building envelope at the fifth floor level are very minor and will servie to enhance the functionality of the apartment without compromising the usability of the balcony areas. The increases are so minor as to be negligible when viewed from Bond Street.

There’s much, much more that could be quoted. Interestingly, in a 7 page document the word ‘minor’ is repeated 17 times! As always, the ball is now in councillors’ court!