In Council minutes of November 13th 2012, there is included the ‘minutes’ of the then Community Consultation Committee. Recorded in these minutes is the sentence – Committee minutes to be distributed to all members of the Committee prior to adoption by Council

In the current agenda we have the latest ‘minutes’ from the new Community Consultation Committee. Here are two sentences from these minutes – A list of action items from minutes of 8 October 2014 was tabled for information. It was suggested that community representatives have the opportunity to review committee minutes prior to them going to Council for approval.

So nearly three years down the track nothing has been done to ensure that minutes from this committee (and probably others) are provided first of all to the relevant committee members for checking, comment, and acceptance as a ‘true and accurate’ representation of what occurred at the meetings. The fact that this is twice recorded as a concern indicates that community reps were, and are, far from impressed with the ‘official’ version of what occurred. The ‘doctoring’ of minutes, and selective editing occurs unabated it would seem.

Once again governance and transparency are the victims in Glen Eira. God forbid that community reps get the chance to vet officer produced versions of reality and to offer their views on these supposed ‘accurate’ representations of what occurred!