A trend is definitely occurring within Glen Eira where properties zoned Neighbourhood Residential, are selling up and getting out as quickly as they can. The latest example comes from Mavho Street, Bentleigh where some properties are zoned Residential Growth, some General Residential and others Neighbourhood Residential. Below is a screen dump of two adjoining properties located in the Neighbourhood Residential zone. We can only assume that the owners have seen what is happening to their street and their neighbourhood and decided that they want out.

What will also be vital in the months to come is what happens on such relatively large sites. Whilst the Planning Scheme still contains the criterion that larger than surrounding blocks will be adjudicated against the General Residential Zone ‘standards’ instead of the Neighbourhood Residential zone ones, it will be most interesting to see how this plays out if the purchaser decides to aim for a 3 storey and 20+ unit development.

mavhoMavho Street is already gone. Now it is the turn of Bendigo Avenue as these recent advertisements show. Two triple blocks zoned Residential Growth are on the market and the single property is zoned General Residential Zone 2. An ‘invitation’ for 4 and 3 storey developments in an area with a Heritage Overlay and a SBO (Melbourne Water overlay).