The insanity of Glen Eira planners and councillors is nowhere more pronounced than in Bent St, Bentleigh/McKinnon.

This narrow, winding local street runs off the Coles Supermarket in Bentleigh through to McKinnon Road. It contains three distinct zones – Neighbourhood Residential, General Residential and Residential Growth Zone – with the NRZ a small oasis smack in the middle of this stretch of road. Since the introduction of the zones council has basically given the green light for the development of at least 217 apartments – one application listed in the online register is totally uninformative – ie ‘Multi level residential unit building’. Maybe 20 units? Maybe 30 units? Maybe 55 units as granted to 14 Bent St?!!! Hence the figure of 217 is ultra conservative, plus the fact that most of these applications include reduced visitor parking. The total could well be in the realm of 250 new dog boxes along a stretch of road that is approximately 500 metres long.

This brings us to the heart of the matter – how well this council has, and is, planning for the future. Answers to the following questions are essential. We believe that they would all be answered in the negative!

When was the last drainage upgrade for this street?

What infrastructure plans has council made for this area and how much will it cost ratepayers since there is no development contributions levy from applicants?

What number of dwellings does council consider as ‘capacity’ for this street?

Has any traffic analysis been undertaken of this and connecting streets in the past 3 years?

How many parking fines have been issued in this street over the past 2 years?

How many of these properties have been moonscaped? How many mature trees have been lost?

Here are the facts on Bent Street since the introduction of the zones –

10 – 12 Bent Street BENTLEIGH VIC 3204 – 4 storey, 35 dwellings

14-18 Bent Street BENTLEIGH VIC 3204 – 4 storey, 55 dwellings

15 Bent – 3 storey, 17 dwellings

20 Bent Street BENTLEIGH VIC 3204 – Multi level residential unit building

22-26 Bent Street BENTLEIGH VIC 3204 – 4 storey, 36 dwellings

23 Bent – 4 storey, 34 dwellings

64-66 Bent Street MCKINNON VIC 3204 – 3 and 4 storey, 31 dwellings (refusal)

67 Bent St – 2 double storey attached

75 Bent Street MCKINNON VIC 3204 – 2 storey, 7 dwellings