A resident has contacted us asking why Glen Eira ratepayers should be subsidising residents from other municipalities. This is not the first time this issue has raised its ugly head. Remember the GESAC basketball debacle when the ‘contract’ was awarded not to McKinnon Basketball Association but to what can be termed ‘outsiders’. Since then, all quiet on the western front – with no information as to whether all court time is now utilised as per ‘contract’ or whether ratepayers are still ‘subsidising’ the officer decision. Then there’s the issue of GESAC not recognising and providing a discount to countless ‘senior’ residents as other council pools do. And of course, each year admission and membership prices have gone up. Thus this resident’s query and ‘evidence’ presented below –

Hi there love your web site and the debates listed on there. I do have a great thing this so called council has been doing. I was at my grandmother’s place the other day who lives in Frankston and noticed that she had a letter from Glen Eira Council. Being a rate payer myself the curiosity got the better of me and had to have a look to see what it was. It was a bill for exercise classes. I questioned my grandmother what this was and she informed me that she goes to exercise classes some where in Bentleigh which is subsidised by the Council. My question is why as a rate payer are we subsidising people from other municipality to use Council services? I asked my grandmother if there were are clients that did not live in Glen Eira and she said there is quite a few in her class.