Over the years we, and our commentators, have been accused by various councillors of being ‘cowards’, lacking ‘integrity’ and ‘honesty’ and the worst crime of all ‘hiding behind anonymity’. Yet these very same councillors certainly do not practice what they preach or pretend to disavow. The number of anonymous comments that have been posted by these same councillors on our blog is astounding. We have had a great time laughing our heads off at how these councillors spend time attacking each other and lying whilst remaining ‘anonymous’.

Hyams is the perfect case in point. Not only has he lied in the chamber with his denial of calling a resident a ‘whining bitch’ , but he has lied via his innumerable comments on a blog site that he purports to so seldom read! It would seem that the Councillor Code of Conduct demanding honesty, integrity, and treating residents with respect applies to everyone else, but not to him!

Below we feature some screen dumps that prove conclusively what kind of liar and hyprocrite this man really is. Please ask yourself if this is the calibre of a man that you want as a councillor when you go to the polls in a few short weeks.

First off we draw readers’ attention to the ISP (at the time) of the organisation that Hyams works for. Please take note of the underlined numbers.

210-23-136-125_page_1Now compare these numbers with what Hyams has written under his own name and ‘anonymous’ –


Compounding Hyams’ lies we then have this little doozy –


All of the ‘positive posts’ about Esakoff are from Hyams!

There are literally countless other screen dumps that we could have uploaded – many coming from council computers, from mobiles, from home computers, and all attacking other councillors.

We present the above because it is election time and because we believe that when we elect individuals they should at the very least be people who will conduct themselves with integrity, honesty and a desire to work for the community. Hyams does not fit this bill!