Tonight’s forum was unfortunately very poorly attended by residents. Nor did the developer reps fill us with confidence that the upcoming amendment will resolve all of the community’s concerns.

The major points to come out of tonight were:

  • The Education Department is ‘investigating’ the need for additional educational facilities in the area. No ‘answer’ as yet. The developers would be prepared to sell the land to the department/government. This could be in the vicinity of 1 hectare. If not a school, then possibly a ‘community centre’. We assume that this would involve council perhaps purchasing the land.
  • The possibility of a commercial car parking venture on site
  • The area currently zoned Commercial 1 would remain. The rest of the site rezoned to Mixed Use
  • The project life is up to 15 years
  • No solution to traffic, apart from advocating for car-share, more traffic lights and buses to run through the site
  • The developers have been in constant contact with council’s various departments
  • One mention of 5000 new residents. How many apartments does this mean?

All in all it is practically impossible to comment on what will eventuate given the lack of detail on just about everything. We simply urge residents to be wary of any amendment and Schedules that are not spelt out to the nth degree.