Here is a tiny sample of what has been happening in just one small section of Bentleigh East since the introduction of the zones. The image below includes several applications that council rejected. However given the zoning and developers’ success at VCAT, we have included these as well. Readers should also note that it looks like Larman Street and St Georges is heading in the direction of Bent/Elliott/etc. The following properties have been recently sold –

7 Larman St – 25th June 2016 – $1,155,000

8 Larman St – 30th November 2016 – $1,302,500

Also worth bearing in mind is that the Virginia Estate project is just down the road!


A quick count reveals 247 new dwellings in these few streets alone from just 15 developments and 23 original lots of land. That is a ten fold increase to what was there before! All in a ‘neighbourhood centre’ without rail, tram and without any data ever provided as to how well the local infrasture is coping with this rampant development. We have to wonder whether council has any idea as to the cumulative impacts on our drainage systems, parking and traffic, and environment.