VCAT has handed down a decision for 411-15 Glen Huntly Road Elsternwick. The permit will allow:

  • Demolition of existing building at 415 Glen Huntly Road on land affected by Heritage Overlay;
  • Partial demolition of buildings at 411 and 413 Glen Huntly Road on land affected by Heritage Overlay;
  • Construction of an Eight Storey building with basements, comprising 37 dwellings and 2 shops on land within a Commercial 1 Zone and affected by Heritage Overlay;
  • Reduction of the standard car parking requirements associated with a shop, residential car parking and residential visitor car parking in accordance with Clause 52.06; and
  • Waiver of the requirement for a loading bay in accordance with Clause 52.07

There was an earlier VCAT decision in July 2015 which refused a 6 storey dwelling because of poor ‘internal amenity’. The developer returned with an application for 8 storeys and an increase in dwellings on a site of 649 square metres. The earlier 2015 decision saw no problems with height nor impacts on ‘heritage’.

Thus council has had 2 years since this previous decision to shore up its Heritage policy – and remember this policy dates back to 2003. Thus we have another example of council (and long serving councillors) sitting on their hands for 14 years whilst the horse has well and truly bolted. Admittedly Council moved in March 2017 to ‘update’ its policy – but this was only to include the ‘update’ from years ago as a ‘reference document’ to the Planning Scheme.