The department has released its proposed legislation for aged care accommodation. See –

In another blow to residential amenity, the proposals include:

  • A maximum height of 13.5 metres in all zones – ie this includes Neighbourhood residential which has an 8 or 9 metre mandatory height limit depending on council’s current schedules to the zone
  • If the application meets certain ‘standards’ of section 55 then there are no notification rights, no third party objection rights
  • 80% of the site can be covered by building(s), driveways, etc.
  • Car parking is 0.3 spaces per room as opposed to current differentiation between ‘nursing home’, ‘aged care accommodation’ etc. It would appear that all forms will not only need to supply 0.3 spaces.

The draft provisions are available at this link –

Once again the State Gov is inviting ‘submissions’.