The rush of multiple dwellings in the Neighbourhood Residential Zones (NRZ) continues unabated with more and more applications coming in. We feature the latest below.

Readers should remember the following:

  • Council’s housing report fails to take full account of this rush given that the ‘estimates’ are for an additional 0.6 dwellings on lots over 700 square metres in size. The reality is that sites well and truly below 700 square metres are averaging an additional 1 to 2 dwellings per site.
  • Since the introduction of Wynne’s VC110, councils have been given the right to include mandatory lot subdivision sizes in their schedules. Not a word has come out about this provision from council!

Assuming that the applications below will gain their permits, that means a NET GAIN of 9 dwellings in just these few sites. What this does to council’s overall ‘calculations’ and structure planning has not been realistically addressed. If the NRZ is now a defacto General Residential Zone and more and more development is occurring in the NRZ, then the crucial question is – why do we need to expand the activity centre borders? why do we need to ‘upgrade’ so many properties for higher density? why do we need 12 storey residential towers throughout the city? and why oh why is council so hell bent on facilitating more and more development?