The above graph featuring today’s release of ABS building permits for Local Government Areas still shows Glen Eira leading the way.  When the 80 square km of Monash is taken into account, compared to the 38.9 square km that is Glen Eira, then the impact on overall density is obvious. Further compounding the problem is that in Glen Eira permits for single houses only reached 269 whereas Monash had 580 – more than double going into Glen Eira!

Even more astounding is that the total number of permits since the 2011/12 financial year is as follows for the various municipalities –

Glen Eira – 11,049

Bayside – 6,527

Boroondara – 9.905

Kingston – 7,785

Stonnington – 10,176

Port Phillip – 8,144

Monash – 11,072

Thus in just on 7 years, and excluding the number of single houses from the overall total, Glen Eira has had an average of 1,271 net new dwellings granted building permits. This far exceeds the needs of population growth and given what is in the pipe line via East Village, Caulfield Village and council’s desire for 12 storeys in Carnegie and Elsternwick, then developers must indeed be rubbing their hands with glee.

We’ve uploaded the ABS data HERE