The table presented below tells a sorry, sorry tale about the gulf between words and actions by Glen Eira City Council, especially in these difficult financial times when residents are experiencing continuing rate and charges increases.

Council would like us to believe that they care; that they support to the hilt our most vulnerable such as pensioners. Year after year in the budget papers we find this sentence:

As pensioners are often asset rich but income poor, the adoption of rate increases has a real impact on the disposable income of a significant proportion of our community. (page 20 of current budget).

How is it then possible that Glen Eira is the only council that keeps reducing its monetary contribution to the pensioner rebate whilst other councils either maintain their funding or increase it year after year? The State Government provides a rebate that is indexed to the CPI – thus it increases each year. Glen Eira sees fit to REDUCE its contribution each year despite the fact that rates keep going up as well as charges.

What we present below is a comparison of what other councils contribute in terms of pensioner rebates. Glen Eira introduced the arbitrary $270 maximum in 2001 and has never revisited this decision in any formal way. Thus in 2006 pensioners were entitled to over a $100 rebate on top of the state government rebate. This has now dwindled to a meagre $29!

The blanks in the table are a result of not all of these councils providing online access to their past budgets. Most simply list the previous 4 or 5 years and none go as far back as 2006. Some have also not finalised their 2020/21 budgets. However, the trend is evident even from the last 5 years. Glen Eira sticks religiously to a total maximum of $270 per household. Thus whilst the government is this year providing a rebate of $241, council only needs to cough up a miserly $29 to make it a total of $270. In contrast Maribyrnong goes up to $438 and most of the other councils listed are well and truly above this magical figure of $270.

This council should hang its head in shame!